Tuesday, May 16, 2006

KXAN Interview: THF, Bootstrap Bootcamp and Tina

KXAN Reporter Kate Weidaw did a wonderful story today on the upcoming Bootstrap Bootcamp, sponsored by the City of Austin's SBDP. The interview was conducted at Tina's offices. Notice Tina's Evangelist and Maven paintings in the background as we're being interviewed. YellowFin designed the cover and icons for the book. Tina's second bootstrap, Erebelle is featured in the interview. Finally, Bootstrap Austin also gets a mention.

Friday's Bootcamp represents my best current thinking on Bootstrapping and how MRE/5D is crucial to every bootstrapper in the Ideation Stage and beyond.

Additional thoughts on the Bootstrap Network blog.


Paul said...

We're coming out of the cocoon rapidly with Blogslides Austin and web2.0slides.com and getting in to the serious stage of bootstrapping.

The bootstrap meetings are inspiring!

7:13 PM  

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