Monday, October 04, 2004

Oracle vs PeopleSoft

It's interesting to watch the unfolding events as Oracle attempts its takeover of PeopleSoft. Oracle's famously Evangelist CEO, Larry Ellison, has been fighting for the right to buy the smaller company for over a year. The courts last week granted Oracle the right to do exactly that.

A surprise happened in the form of the firing of PeopleSoft's CEO, Craig Conway. The board found his behaviour troubling, saying: "We again admonished Mr. Conway that we wanted him to be extremely careful in his public statements."

In turn, Conway stated, "I was promoting, promoting, promoting," and "hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy."

As this battle has unfolded, it has been interesting to watch two competing evangelists, Ellison and Conway, battle it out by digging into their positions. The weaker of the two, Conway, took a classic Evangelist position by hoping that his bluff would pay off. It didn't.

It will now be interesting to watch the Relater/Maven approach of Dave Duffield, the founder of PeopleSoft, as he resumes his position as CEO of the company.


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